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About us

Affordable Lab Tests® has become the leader in the Chippewa Valley for individuals and businesses, providing access to over 10,000 Health and Wellness tests at up to 75-80% less than you’ll find at a typical provider. We get the doctor’s order for you included in our pricing so you don’t need to have a Physician’s order in advance, all results are confidentially verified by a licensed Physician.

Individuals, you can finally take a more proactive approach in managing your healthcare with our fast, affordable, convenient, reliable and confidential health and wellness tests, no appointment necessary, you can even order your tests ahead of time via our convenient web portal.  

Employers, you also can rely on us as a reliable source for all of your accurate pre-employment testing needs.

Just stop in at one of our full-service locations, no appointment needed.  You’ll receive the results usually the next day by fax, regular mail, email, or pick-up, your choice, you let us know if you’d like them sent directly to you, your Physician or both. 

Affordable Lab Tests® helps you take responsibility for your health through fast, confidential, convenient, reliable and affordable health screening. Some of the many benefits of using Affordable Lab Tests® for all your lab test needs include:

  • Confidential and anonymous; test results provided only to you
  • No costly and time consuming doctor’s visit required to get tested
  • No insurance required
  • No co-pays
  • No deductibles
  • No co-insurance costs
  • No prescriptions or requisitions required
  • No appointments required
  • Help reduce health care costs with deeply discounted prices
  • Fast– most test results in 24 to 48 hours
  • Enhance your privacy by keeping test results out of your normal health records
  • Convenient–just walk in and get tested without delay
  • Affordable–deeply discounted prices
  • Pay by cash, money order or credit card
  • Help you monitor known health problems like high cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose levels and other health conditions
  • Help you supplement the medical information you have received elsewhere
  • Help detect the early signs of serious illnesses and diseases
  • Help give you peace of mind by knowing about your health
  • Allow for affordable testing when a doctor won’t certify that a test is medically necessary
  • Allow for affordable testing when insurance won’t cover the costs
  • Allow for affordable testing for elective procedures, prevention and wellness efforts and other situations that may not be covered by insurance
  • Allow for testing without delay when time is of the essence
  • Allow for affordable testing if you don’t have health insurance
  • We come to you if you prefer the convenience
  • Our laboratories have been doing lab test analyses for thousands of people like you for over 20 years
  • Our laboratories are the same laboratories used by doctors and hospitals
  • Our laboratories are federally and state CLIA-certified laboratories
Affordable Lab Tests - Eau Claire