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It is well known that drug and alcohol abuse negatively affect the profitability of companies as well as detract from the health, safety and productivity of employees. And, more than ever, the public and the law are holding employers responsible for the actions of employees who abuse drugs or alcohol.

Let Affordable Lab Tests® tailor a drug screening program to meet all of your employment needs: pre-employment, random, post incident, safety sensitive, reasonable suspicion, return to duty, follow-up, DOT, Drug Free Workplace and custom designed drug testing. Blood, urine, breath, saliva, hair, nails (detects drugs up to 6 months) and other test specimens can be collected at your place of business or other convenient location, including our many local labs and collection centers. Medical Review Officer (MRO) services are available as needed with any of our drug tests.

We use multi-panel drug screens that are able to detect a wide array of illegal and commonly abused prescription drugs and alcohol. Our tests are also capable of detecting adulterations.

Rapid drug screens that provide instant, on-site, results are also available.

Please contact us today to learn more about this valuable, convenient and cost effective program. Call 715-835-LABS(5227) or email us at


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